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A Letter From Our Founder

I'm Tim Pickett, founder of KindlyMD. Throughout my career, I've worked in emergency medicine, trauma, and gastrointestinal surgery. There, I saw firsthand the toll that overprescribed prescription medications take on patient's lives, let alone the lives of their loved ones. Something has to change — the health care industry has to change.

I started KindlyMD with the sole intention to provide honest, evidence-based, and practical information about alternative plant-based medicine to the people of Utah. Along my journey to spread the good word, I’ve spent my time producing educational content and presenting in universities, medical board discussions, and continuing education programs. By empowering patients to take control of their own health through open communication with their care team, we’ve found that over 70% of Kindly patients use less prescriptions, illicit drugs, or alcohol. Our patients also report feeling better in their day to day lives. You just can't ignore results like that!

KindlyMD is more than a clinic. It's a movement of patients, advocates, and providers taking back control of health care and is truly the first of its kind. We are developing the largest network of medical providers dedicated to helping people reduce their harsh, addictive prescription medications. We believe a treatment plan should be a collaborative conversation between provider and patient and are creating a new kind of healthcare: one that’s built with YOU in mind, not the pharmaceutical companies.

Kind regards,
Tim Pickett, PA-C

Meet Missy

Michelle Spear, a.k.a. Missy, is the youngest sister of KindlyMD founder Tim Pickett. Missy has been fighting cancer since 2016, undergoing periods of remission, recurrence, and remission again. Now fighting her third round against the disease, her chemotherapy and treatments come with agonizing pain and nausea. But, as an active mother of four, Missy isn't interested in taking any medication that keeps her from feeling like herself. Enter: Missy's Micros.

To help his little sister feel good again, Tim worked with local experts in the hemp industry to craft what he refers to as "Mother Nature's multivitamin.” Seven major and minor cannabinoids packed into one piña colada flavored micro dose of medicine help ease the negative symptoms of Missy’s treatment and improve her quality of life. Plus, she’s clear-headed enough to remain present for the important things in her life like dance recitals, Sunday dinners, and backyard Nerf wars with her family.
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